Best Line / Worst Line

Introducing a new feature called Best Line / Worst Line, where I contrast wonderful and terrible song lyrics with a common theme.

Our first winner is Drake (what?!), with “If you had a twin I would still choose you.” Thank you, Drake! What a good compliment! Very creative and it seems genuinely nice. You did justice to the amazing music sent to you by a team of songwriters, including one named PartyNextDoor.

Our first loser is OH WHAT I’m BLANKING ON HIS NAME! This is what happens when you get old. He’s bald and he is cranky (not Moby. not Morrissey). I want to say Jimmy. James. From the Smashing Pumpkins. Oh wow he is super famous. I’m not looking it up. I just can’t think of any names other than Jeremy Corbyn. Moon face. Cranky moon face. BILLY CORGAN. There we go.

Ok. Ahem. Our first loser is Billy Corgan, with “What I choose is my choice.” Sorry Billy Corgan, but Drake’s line mops the floor with that one.

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