Haunted America

Haunted America

Haunted America is the name of a ghost story book with wonderful cover art by Edward Gorey. The book came out in 1990. Gorey died in 2000. A draft of the cover artwork sold at auction in 2014 for $8,125, according to this site. That seems like a bargain to me.

Blind Item: Which large, Portland-based athletic apparel company creates vile, militaristic t-shirt designs which equate support of their brand with patriotism?

Okay, it’s not a blind item. It’s Under Armour! Barf, Barf, Barf. Maybe their graphic designers are fans of the book Jennifer Government.

How did we get here


Where are we going?

Something that makes me feel better when I watch it is the music video for “Holding On” by The War On Drugs. It’s the music video that America needs… but it’s not the one that America deserves.





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