I like it a Latte

I like it a Latte

Actually the coffee is a flat white, not a latte, because this picture was taken in New Zealand! It is one of my favorite pics from the NZ trip in March. Simon had just found that cat t-shirt at a thrift shop (called an ‘op-shop’ in NZ), and we stepped inside a cafe for a slice of Kiwiana… bacon and egg pie.

This photo reminds me that even though the worst sort of people are attempting to be the boss of America right now, there are still happy moments galore.

AND there’s great television.

I’m loving the Starz American Gods series, based on the Neil Gaiman book of course. I (and many other people apparently) signed up to Starz just to watch this series and it’s so much fun to look forward to a new episode each Sunday night!

The tv series is really highlighting the topic of American immigration, and boy is the timing terrific. It’s almost an antidote to the xenophobic bullshit that’s plastering the airwaves right now. One of the story’s premises holds that whatever people believe in, becomes physically manifest, as a god… believe in Jesus, and he becomes a reality; believe in the Stay-Puft marshmallow, and now a 200-ft marshmallow man is in charge.

This seems like a fascinating explanation of why Donald Trump was elected president. People believed in a heroic, straight-talking businessman-turned political leader, and the power of their belief was enough to temporarily create him.

I haven’t been able to justify signing up for Showtime on top of that, so I’m trying to avoid all news of the Twin Peaks reboot. #NOSPOILERS

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