Like several people I’ve talked to lately, I’m on a very limited diet of The Internet right now – I only feel comfortable going to pages that I know will be constructive. Like Elton John’s YouTube channel (obviously) and Miranda July’s twitter.

My brain seems stuck between trying to blank out the recent election result totally – and poking at it, like a sore tooth. What is the REASON that so many Americans voted this way? I don’t buy the “the hardworking, disenfranchised poor were voting against the establishment” argument.

Possible answers that I COULD believe:
1 people are sexist

2 ladies were afraid of publicly aligning with a woman who is not a ‘cool girl‘ (sexism again)

3 people were not going to vote for a woman after a black guy, no WAY (sexism/racism combo)

4 gerrymandering

5 rich people really, really want to hold on to their money. Every cent of it.

6 Americans are, for the most part, too lazy to leave their hometowns, learn about the world, and make friends who are different than they are. And they don’t want to be called out on their total lack of understanding / perspective.

7 it’s been too long since a world war and people long for the drama and red lipstick

8 widespread, technology-driven ennui

9 widespread, technology-driven nihilism

10 all of the above


Anyway, in some ways, I’m enjoying being utterly ashamed of my country. The daily outrage of feeling that the system is TOTALLY BROKEN and that bad things are coming… that’s a pretty new feeling for me. But I gather it’s not a new feeling for some minority groups. And it’s a strange thrill to learn about new forms of bitterness.

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