Fly Agaric Toadstool

Fly Agaric Toadstool

Do you wanna die? Hopefully not.

And neither did Nicholas Evans, author of The Horse Whisperer, but he almost did, when he accidentally ate Deadly Webcaps (not pictured). Deadly Webcaps… add that to the Potential Band Names list please.

Also, because we’re all probably hating Gavin Rossdale right now…

Here’s a funny article from 1995 in which The Toadies talk about touring with Bush, and how much they hate it.


Real fable fodder is easy to come by with Bush as their traveling
companions. At the time of this interview, the Texans still had a long month
left with the English blokes. They were open about the relationship, which
was soon to sour even more. “I’m tired of hearing and saying ‘bloody’ all
the time! Now we talk about how Bill Clinton is our Queen,” says the
bassist, laughing. “It was so weird getting on the Bush tour, because we’d
just finished getting off of a tour by ourselves and I thought it was fairly
successful. We did a lot of radio shows. But the shows we did on our
own…I was shocked at how many people came out. Just for us, on our own,
without any sort of…”
Special guests?
“Yeah. Without Bush or someone like that – someone to fall back on that
you know will draw,” Umbarger says. “And [then] we get on this one and it’s
like the neo-Nazi tour.”
The band is trying to laugh at life – and Bush – even when they get time
docked off their 35-minute set for having “too many guest passes” or if they
“make anyone mad.”
“They’ll trim minutes off our set. I’m serious. We’re punished with
time,” Umbarger says, amazed.
“Yeah, that time when we keyed their bus, they took off ten minutes,”
Lewis says.

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