Sway back horse

Sway back horse

Oh my goodness. Googling sway-backed horses brings up some very scary images. “Lordosis” is the official name for this condition in horses. The good news is… it seems that it isn’t necessarily painful.


A swaybacked horse may enjoy easy rides, but he is not a candidate for the 20%-rider-weight rule of thumb (the total of the rider and all tack/equipment that the horse carries should not exceed 20% of the horse’s body weight).

Hmm… The 20% rule, eh? If I weigh 120 pounds, that means my backpack shouldn’t weigh more than 24 lbs. Okay, now I’m intrigued.

(runs to the bathroom scale, weighs backpack)

Today’s backpack (fully loaded) weighed 10 pounds. Definitely under the 20% rule, although 10 pounds still feels fairly heavy. I can’t imagine carrying 80 or 100 pounds of gear, like soldiers.

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