Banks Vernonia Trail

Banks Vernonia Trail

I wasn’t really feeling this trail. I thought, perhaps, it would be awesome. About 30 mi (we lopped off a few from the full 42), nice and flat,  paved throughout. I think the Banks Vernonia trail was just… too nice? Too flat, too boring, too many miles of being trapped in a beautiful, tree-lined tunnel. Not enough historic trestle bridges, etc. Surely it was nothing to compare to NZ’s Rimutaka Rail Trail. I guess I thought that the Rimutaka trail was pretty normal… at least, when I biked it, I thought “yes, I suppose I can understand why people take bike rides in their free time”.

Turns out the Rimutaka Rail Trail is phenomenal, and all other cycling rail trails are lackluster. This is actually good, because it means I don’t have to feel guilty about not cycling on the weekends.

By the time we got to the turnaround point (Vernonia), I was hot and thirsty, had a sore left hip, and was really annoyed that the whole trip had been my idea.

We decided to get some food in Vernonia to give us time to prepare for the return journey…

Simon and I stumbled down Vernonia’s tiny main street, hopelessly peering into dusty storefronts…. and then somehow we landed in this amazing Mediterranean cafe and espresso bar (Blue House) at the end of town. The food was so delicious, when I was so hungry, thirsty, and annoyed. I don’t know if I am conveying the story well enough! The food was VERY good! Unusual flavor combinations, expertly prepared! Beautiful presentation! Very fresh! A most unusual restaurant to happen upon in Vernonia, population 2158! It felt like a dream… something from a Japanese anime series…. where a meal that is too good to be true precedes gluttony, which precedes punishment.

I would (will!) visit Blue House again, but I would drive.


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