And again

And again

Still drawing jandals. I have drawn them from every angle possible. A broken flip flop is as difficult to draw as an empty milk carton. FYI

Discovery: The rounded end of the filbert brush was MADE to draw the rounded ends of plastic flip-flop straps! It could not be a more perfectly suited brush.

So, so far we know that the filbert brush is good for drawing:

1) Shark fins

2) rounded ends of plastic flip-flop straps

3) probably not much else.

Oh wow! If Wikipedia can be trusted… learn a bit of cool info re: filbert brushes…

The filbert paintbrush derives from the shape it resembles, that of a hazelnut with its namesake. This word comes from the Old French filbert, coming from noix de (nut of) Philibert. Philibert was a saint, (who died in 684), whereby the ripening of the nut in August coincides with his feast day.


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