Banana / Bread

Banana / Bread

After some more failed attempts to draw a believable ring-with-missing-diamond, I gave up and tried to draw the Lord of the Rings ‘One Ring’ instead. (I know it would be amazing to be invisible and extremely powerful, but overall – wouldn’t it just be a hassle?) Unfortunately my live-in focus group of one “could not” “tell” what the new ring was supposed to be. How demoralizing. The live-in focus group of one tried to sympathize by saying, “some things are just… really hard to draw?” which of course made it WORSE. Anyway.

So my new strategy is just to veer sharply away from anything I can’t seem to draw in a recognizable way. And then draw other, easier things.
So the ring disappears forever from the Hall of Shame and is replaced by… moldy bread! I think! Unless you, dear reader, prefer this old banana:



I think the banana and the bread are too similar to both be on the 99 problems list. So tell me which one you want to keep by using the helpful poll below!

PS Here’s a Bonus Banana that didn’t make the cut… but that I still like.

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