Skyline Restaurant

Skyline Restaurant

The Skyline Restaurant’s sign (and really, its entire exterior) is so ugly it’s kind of beautiful. It’s in a pretty isolated suburb of Portland, up on Skyline Boulevard, 4 miles northwest of downtown.

As soon as I drove by it, I knew I had to stop.

The inside is even better than the outside – wood paneling and CASH ONLY signs.

Apparently, Skyline started in 1935 as a “destination for folks looking for a long drive.” Back in the day, it was a drive-in joint where they’d serve you at your car. Awesome!

Buuuutt… sadly… our burgers were just… not very good. And making a burger delicious is not that hard! Even I can do it!

Come on, Skyline! You’ve got an amazing history and an amazing location – improve your burgers y’all!

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