59: Expired parking meter

59: Expired parking meter

Is this a metaphor? Is the great clock in the sky ticking loud enough that we can hear it today? I can haz some young rat blood, please?

No more maudlin navelgazing! Anyway!

Today I found out that there is a GRAPHIC NOVEL of a Jonathan Kellerman Alex Delaware book! Okay! Actually, maybe even more than one! Good gnus. I have been voraciously reading the Alex Delaware series in order (backwards), for a couple of weeks. I am slightly embarrassed about this so I don’t list the books on my LibraryThing account. But I happen to really like the fictional character Alex Delaware. Reasons:

1) He is SUPER good at googling. The best. He combines intuitive leaps with hours of meticulous early-morning googling… he’s like an Olympic Googling Champion.
2) He never shows any self-doubt, except the occasional reference to a bad childhood. But mostly, he’s just a super-fit, hyper-intelligent Don Juan who never met a case he couldn’t crack. DESPITE not even being a homicide detective or private investigator!
3) He loves to eat out at fancy restaurants and wear nice clothes. Me too.

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