41: Sweaty armpits

41: Sweaty armpits

Yuk. Armpit stains. This drawing makes me want to get out the Spray ‘n’ Wash right away! It may already be too late!!

T-shirts remind me of shopping! And I went shopping today. I would go shopping every day, if I could.

It’s currently my grave misfortune to live in the same city as a Nordstrom Rack. Luckily it’s not a very good one, and it’s always mobbed. (Get out, you troglodytes! This is MY Nordstrom Rack!) As usual, I was trying hard not to buy things. But sometimes – and here I will share a shopping secret with you – the best way to avoid spending money is to buy yourself something TINY. It’s like a shopping vaccination. So I found a maple cake-flavored lip gloss from Philosophy – $18 marked down to $3. “GOOD,” I thought. “Shopping vaccine acquired. Now scram!”

I then dutifully brought my lip gloss to the front of the store and waited in line to pay. And when it was my turn… the lip gloss was on sale


and the final cost was


Ladies and gentlemen, if my math is correct, that means my $18 lip gloss was 99.94% off. That might be the best deal of my life. If everything was 99.94% off… you could buy a Tesla for $42. Or a new Macbook Pro for $1.80. Whoooaaaa

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