25: Inside-out umbrella

25: Inside-out umbrella

Technically, this is a BROKEN umbrella. But I’m worried that a good chunk of these problems are just ‘broken’ things, and that’s not very exciting.

What ARE exciting are the Dutch Senz storm umbrellas!
I have one and I love it. They are popular in The Netherlands, but not in the US, because we are like soooo unhip in the umbrella category.
Senz umbrellas LOOK cool and they are great in high winds! I want to make this statement even stronger. Senz umbrellas look VERY cool and they work VERY well and if you don’t have one already you just really disappointed me. I plan to own at least one Senz umbrella from now until my departure from this mortal coil.

Also, another point of interest…. I am often told that “Portland people don’t use umbrellas.”

This statement really irritates me. Because:

1) Portland people DO use umbrellas in the rain, when it’s not too windy. Portland people don’t like being wet anymore than anyone else.
2) If it’s too windy to use a normal umbrella, just USE A SENZ UMBRELLA.

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