18: Belcher’s sea snake

18: Belcher’s sea snake

They writhe among us!

Imagine that you are swimming somewhere in tropical waters, for instance, near the Philippine islands, and suddenly you spot a sea snake, swimming only a short distance away. You panic and try to swim away, and without warning, it bites you. Fortunately, the bite doesn’t hurt, so you quickly forget about it. However, sea snake venom is a potent neurotoxin, so you soon begin to lose feeling in your lower extremities, stomach, up to your lungs, and you slowly suffocate.

Here’s the source of that helpful gem.

Full disclosure. This snake posed for someone else many years ago, in exactly the same position.

So the good news is that Belcher’s sea snakes are ‘friendly’ (for sea snakes… they won’t buy you a drink or anything), so they probably won’t bite you, unless you are a fisherman, and accidentally pull one up in your net, in which case, uh-oh.

I could watch sea snakes swim through the water forever!

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