6: Nuclear bomb

6: Nuclear bomb

This one is high on the Really Big Problems List.

In related news…
Last week I went to see a free Ansel Adams exhibit that the Oregon Historical Society was hosting.
There I learned that Adams photographed a Japanese-American internment camp in California during WWII, because he thought it was a pretty rough way to treat people. Well, that’s what the info at the exhibit said. Wikipedia claims Adams was invited to take pictures by his friend, who was the camp’s director! I suppose that would solve the question of why Adams was allowed to take the photographs….

I’m definitely going to check Adams’ photo documentation of the camp, a book called Born Free and Equal, out of the library.

My favorite print in the exhibition was one of aspens, although the pictures on the internet don’t do it justice at all. One really fun thing about the exhibit was learning how Adams burned and dodged his prints in the darkroom a fair amount to get the contrasts perfect. I KNEW his photos were suspiciously great!

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