An open call for problems

An open call for problems

In an attempt to:

1. Finish a class I signed up for but never completed
2. Do more drawing
3. Make blog posts more regularly

Tomorrow I will start 99 days of…
drawing (and posting) one problem every day.

This is inspired by Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’ song and NOT inspired by the 99 drawings that illustrator Ali Graham did in 2013. He kind of stole my idea, except he had it before I did, and his drawings are about Jay-Z’s problems, whereas my drawings will be about more universal annoyances. Also his drawings are very pretty and detailed and mine will be more simple and crappy and done with black ink and a big fat paintbrush, since that’s easier.

The hardest part of this project might be thinking of things to draw. It’s more difficult than I realized to think of problems that are draw-able. (Existential angst, for example, doesn’t really work.)

So if you have any ideas for problems I can draw, please leave them in a comment or email me. Problems can be funny or serious, real or imaginary.

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