DIY form pendant light fixture

The apartment I’ve been living in for about 5 months now came with some special things. One of these things was a three-bulb pendant lamp, spectacularly colored in gradient hues of orange and red. I appreciate that this lamp… thing could look good in some situations… (Mostly an Applebee’s from 1990! BURN!) but it was contributing to an apartment ambience which was half slasher film, half red light district, and I Did. Not. Like. It.

What I DO love is this gorgeous collection of pendants from Form Us With Love. Aaaaah! Aaaah! I couldn’t like them more. But. While they are reasonably priced (for Scandanavian design objects) at $120 per light (plus, I would imagine, a jillion dollars of shipping costs), I wanted a look that was almost NOTHING and didn’t require me hiring an electrician.

So, after a few weeks of sighing over these nice Form Us With Love pendants, and looking at other options from Muuto, Nud, and even JC Penney, I decided to try THE IKEA WAY. Tagline, “The Ikea way! That looks… okay!”

So to make a long story short, I replaced the shades on the fixture with one from Destination Lighting ($8.95) and two from Ikea… ($25 for 2) including part of a wall sconce. These shades are all 6″ high, so they work together pretty well.

Final steps were painting the transparent yellow plastic cords a flat gray, and swapping out the bulbs for weak seven watt replacements that allow the light to function as it should – as a “functionally amusing and beautiful accent” (stole that one from Form Us With Love), not an interrogation spotlight. I watched the BBC’s Design Rules Lighting episode so I know all about this stuff now.

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  • That’s so clever. I love it!

    • Allison says

      Um… a comment on my blog makes my year. :D Thanks Amanda!

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