Allison’s World!

Allison’s World!

I have the internet again… life is beautiful. I just moved to a new place, and Comcast needed several weeks of contemplation and self-reflection before they felt comfortable activating my internet. Then, when the technician finally came, he left an extra modem/router in my apartment. Like a good, stupid Samaritan, I tried to return it, instead of being smart and selling it on Craigslist. I won’t bore you with the details, but I still have the modem, and I am once again impressed at Comcast’s ability to annoy me in new and creative ways.

But I really am happy to have the internet again. I can get back to narcissistic blog posts! So, this is a picture of me that my Uncle Sam took this summer. I like the photo because it reminds me somewhat of Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth. There are minor differences, sure, such as the fact that I am drinking a whole bunch of soda, and don’t have polio.

What else has been happening?
Yesterday I did a 5K “Zombie Run” to find out if I would survive a zombie apocalypse. The answer is: ‘no’. The zombies ripped off all my life flags (think flag football, where velcro flags dangle from a belt). I was so annoyed that I did NOT take any pictures of the zombies to feature on my blog. Should have gone a little easier on me, zombies. Your loss.

But I do need some interesting photos. I’ve been pretty lazy about bringing my camera along with me and I’ve missed some choice photo opportunities lately! So in November, I pledge to bring my Olympus Pen Mini with me EVERY DAY, like a little sidekick friend. I might not take a photo every day, but I’ll have the darn camera with me regardless.

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