Musicfest NW

MusicfestNW just finished! I didn’t know anything about this awesome festival until it was here. And then I wanted to see Chet Faker and Chromatics… but they played on the same night at different venues! First world problem! I ended up going to Chet Faker and I had a great time.

Chet Faker (Wikipedia tells me he was born Nick Murphy, oi, typical Ozzie name for you, ‘Neek Meerphee’) has a gorgeous, smooth, in-tune voice. Oh yeah! Also, my snobby concert buddy said the drummer was ‘very skilled’, which is high praise from him.

A few days before Chet Faker I went to a great party hosted by Marmoset. WHAT? Free drinks, fun bands, and the world’s happiest Surfer Blood fans dressed up in dinosaur costumes, happily jumping around like little Yoshis. Um…. Portland rulz ok?

And a few days before THAT I went to see Purse Candy at Holocene. I enjoyed listening to Purse Candy’s tracks on their website but unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the live experience. The singing was, to my admittedly untrained ears, really out of tune… and I could only take it for two songs. The sound guy appeared to be having a few issues though, so it’s possible that technical difficulties were responsible. I was super stoked to see that artist Mark Warren Jaccques is in the band! I bought one of his prints a few years ago, when I was living in New Zealand, and I really like his work. Man it’s a small world.

And what’s a post about concerts without a little show and tell? Pandora’s Chet Faker station has introduced me to some cool tracks, including this Classixx Remix of “When Your Love is Safe” by Active Child. Can’t stop listening to it.

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