The Post Office

The Post Office

There’s a post office a few blocks away from where I live… this should be a good thing, right? Actually no. It’s a weird giant distribution center type of place… and while it does actually have a semi-functional consumer-facing postal desk inside… I would only recommend using it if you’re looking for customer service so bad it makes you feel excited to call Comcast. I checked out this post office on Yelp before I went, so I knew what I was in for. Even so, it was laughably awful. I waited in line for an hour… at 10:30 on a Tuesday. Shouldn’t most people be working then? I know I should have been.

After ages in line with almost no forward progress, the tension started to take a toll… the person behind me in line got into a (verbal) fight with the person in front of me. Tensions were high, threats were exchanged, and I thought I was going to get a stray fist to the jaw. Truly.

But I’ve lived in San Jose, California… it’s going to take a lot worse than this to sour Portland for me. People, I went to the DMV in San Jose!

If anyone is looking for a great location to make a short film… this Hoyt St. post office is it…

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