Ear Sale

Ear Sale

I was riding along in the back seat of the Camry, being chauffeured by my parents in true Generation Y style, when I looked out the window and screeched for Mom to pull over into the Havre Holiday Village Mall parking lot.

I hadn’t felt such happiness in Havre since PIG K-mart.

When we got closer to the Store Formerly Known as Sears, I saw the “Miracle-Ear” sign next to the SEARS with a missing S and started yelling! “They did it on purpose! EARS! EARS! The ear store did this on purpose!” I had convinced myself that the building was no longer a Sears, but a Miracle-Ear franchise headquarters with the most brilliant marketing staff known to man. But sadly, Mom and Dad brought me quickly back down to earth, with such harsh and pragmatic comments as “No, that’s still a Sears, honey,” “I’m sure they didn’t do that on purpose,” “I don’t know if this is quite as funny as you think it is,” and “Please get back in the car so we can leave.”

Whether planned by a human, or merely by the hand of fate, I think EARS is meaningful in some way. It’s telling me… and you…. to listen.
When I figure out the specifics, I’ll let you know.

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