Logo for Tri Urjah solar lights, Nepal

Here’s a finished version of a logo I did recently for Pabitra Aryal, an entrepreneur in Western Nepal. I was put in touch with Pabitra through Empower Generation, an organization that helps female entrepreneurs start their own companies selling solar lights. Tri Urjah means Tri Power in Nepali, I am told.

Pabitra has three daughters (here’s a pic of her with two of them) and their names all start with Tri! Groovy! So she wanted something in her logo that represented her three daughters, as well as a glowing solar light. So the logo I developed has three small triangles in it, one of them glowing. Gradients can be tricky to deal with in logos, but if there’s an application we can’t use the gradient on (um…. letterpress??) the glow will go.

Because there’s such an interesting ‘tri’ connection for Pabitra, I wanted to MAX IT OUT on her identity. So her logo fits in a triangle shape that will be used for business cards and product hangtags.

Up next, I’ll be developing an identity for Lalita Chaudhari, another brand-new Empower Generation entrepreneur. I’m also working on a new website for Empower Generation, which will be done in a couple of weeks. Way to go Anya, Bennett, and the rest of the Empower Generation team – they’ve been wonderful people to work with and they are really changing the planet in a positive way!

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