A Recipe for Terrible Photography

I don’t know if I’m getting better at taking nice photos, but I have cracked the CODE on how to take bad ones: make yourself take one photo every day. Whose awful idea was this one-photo-a-day project? Thank goodness I’m doing it for January and not the whole year. My failure to produce National Geographic-worthy images daily is making me really grumpy.

Initally I planned to post the Image of the Day on this blog every day, no matter how bad it was. But then I realized I am shockingly competent at taking boring photos. And almost nothing pains me more than uploading boring content to the web. It makes my heart feel like Norah Jones’ = drenched in wine. So I decided that I am the boss of my own blog, and that my sad little fast-growing group of Mediocre Daily Photographs will not go up for public review. But even though I’m not sharing, I’m still taking one photograph every day, uploading it to a Dropbox folder shared with my competitor, and waiting for the invisible hand of the All-Powerful Photo judge to show me whether I’ve won the day’s contest or not. I’m coming off a 5-day losing streak so I’m motivated to START WINNING.

Here are some of the least-bad photos I’ve taken so far in January.


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