January 1, 2013 ★

January 1, 2013 ★

Happy New Year!

My genius iPhone randomly woke me up with “Feelin’ Good” by Nina Simone this morning.
What a great omen! I think 2013 is going to be wonderful.

This day also begins the start of my one-photo-a-day project. Not for a year, just for a month. I’d like to try to learn my camera’s features a bit better and improve the quality of my photos. I MIGHT have a companion / competitor for this project who’s also going to take one photo per day for a month. And our daily photos MIGHT be judged by a real photographer who will ruthlessly pick the better of the two. And I also MIGHT add a little star (★) to the end of the blog post title if my photo is judged to be the day’s winner.

This picture was taken during the pouring of some incredible homemade Green Walnut Schnapps. This wonderful drink followed a stupifyingly good meal of cheese Spatzle, graciously served to us by new friends Hans and Renate. An amazing New Year’s Eve!

Have a peaceful, happy, and safe 2013.

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