Erotic weekend roundup

Erotic weekend roundup

Time to tie up a few loose friends. I was happily snapping a photo of this graffiti-ed wall when I was wrongly accused of liking its vagina. I did not even KNOW the wall featured graffiti genitalia. But know that I know, it is rather compelling to look at. I’d like to imagine it’s a type of artist’s signature.

While I’m at it, I’m going to list all the racy things I’ve run into lately. I may be 30, but I’m not dead yet. Skip this post if you are reading on the job at a children’s hospital.

Spotted at the bus stop next to the Graz Sculpture Park: a fantastic compliment that could inspire a typeface design.

Spotted while on the bus: a surprisingly fun logo for an Austrian strip club.
I like this against my better judgement. And I don’t want to hear that “but erotic dancers are actually just super-empowered women!” nonsense. You CAN be a self-actualized erotic dancer with artistic integrity in the movies, but I think it’s pretty rare in real life.

And finally, comedian Sarah Silverman embarrasses Conan O’Brien with her new iPhone craft.

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