In the works: identity design for new Nepali entrepreneur

I’m excited to begin work on another project, for a brand-new Nepali entrepreneur…

Her name is Pabitra and she is from the Western region of Nepal, in a district called Bardia. She is working with landless people who are very poor and have no access to electricity (because they have no landrights). Pabitra will be selling solar lamps in the region, and helping those too poor to buy a lamp to obtain a low-interest loan. She’s just been set up with internet access and is in a computer training class, so for now I will be communicating with her through a local woman who has access to a laptop, and can speak English and Nepali. Thanks to Empower Generation for putting me in touch with Pabitra.

Fun fact: Pabitra has three daughters, whose names all start with Tri! Maybe this will feature in her brand identity… name TBA.

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