Kalpavriksha Greater Goods

Here are some pictures of a brochure I finished recently for Kalpavriksha Greater Goods, a new Nepal-based startup run by entrepreneur Sita Adhikari.

Since it was going to be printed at a very basic print shop in Nepal, the brochure needed to be greyscale, on A4 paper, with no bleed. A slightly unusual folding format gave the brochure enough pizazz to shine despite the restrictions! The fold allows a picture on the inside of the brochure to peep out, even when the brochure is closed. I saw this fold a few times on various printed materials in The Netherlands and I think it is very nice.

Although I have never met Sita in person, she was nice enough to send me a thank-you email after I completed the identity materials for her shop. It was fantastic to hear from her! Good luck to Sita as she begins to sell solar lights and locally made products in her new shop in Chitwan. Thanks also to Anya Cherneff, who runs the organization (Empower Generation) which helped Sita get started running her own business.

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