Laufke: My type of bar

A bar close to my apartment has just been renovated! I think it was a traditional gasthof-type Austrian restaurant before the re-d0, and now it is more of a lounge. I got excited because I thought I recognized the logo typeface as Coffee Service. Coffee Service and other retro brushscript / hand-painted sign-look fonts seem to be having a wave of popularity right now, if I am correct!

Anyway, I was very excited that a bar / coffeehouse was using Coffee Service for its logo! Inside type joke!

But when I snapped a picture to confirm, I realized that the logo is actually using Filmotype LaSalle instead. Drat!

Anyway, the signage and printed pieces in the bar look very nice – I especially liked the decal on the front door barring unsavory characters from entry. Also there were cool color-changing bookshelf lights, and a glass of the house white was only € 1.80. I’ll be back!

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