What Obama REALLY thinks about you

What Obama REALLY thinks about you

I don’t know about you, but my head is spinning from all the US presidential election coverage. What does Mitt Romney really think of the 47%? Why is Barack Obama talking like Christopher Walken all of a sudden? Who wore hot pink best, Ann Romney or Michelle Obama? (Sorry Ann, always remember to take off one accessory before you leave the house.)

It’s time to turn to the one truly objective source of 2012 election information… that’s right… TYPOGRAPHY.

This barackobama.com screenshot reveals the Obama campaign’s true attitudes towards its potential voter groups.

My analysis: Obama’s design team is losing no chance to promote their insidious left-wing agenda. Look at the “LATINOS” typeface, the totally FREE Tommaso! Is Obama suggesting that undocumented immigrants be given free access to open-source typefaces? And check out that sneaky little communist star and stag-horn-scythe hidden in the Sportsmen For Obama graphic. Still vectors run deep.

Seriously, though, classifying the entire USA into a series of typefaces would be a difficult job.

So perhaps one can excuse the occasional foray into Communist typographic innuendo. BEST BURN EVER, Obama press secretary Ben LaBolt! I’m voting for THAT guy!

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