Wow! Schloss Eggenberg, Graz

Coming at you live from Schloss Eggenberg, Graz… Hello and welcome to another episode of MTV CRIBS: Austria!

This weekend, our landlady Alice drove us to an amazing tour of Schloss (Castle) Eggenberg, on the edge of Graz.
It was the only night when the castle is open, for an annual “candlelight” tour – meaning you see the inside of the castle in the same light that its first residents used to!

The castle was AMAZINGLY huge and ornate. Everything on the inside was either covered in red silk, chandeliers, or a mural. I was overwhelmed! As Wikipedia puts it, “With its construction and accoutrement history, it exhibits the vicissitude and patronage of the one-time mightiest dynasty in Styria, the House of Eggenberg.”

Taking courteous (no-flash) photos inside the dark, candle-lit rooms was a bit of a challenge, but the new camera did pretty well, considering.

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