Maybe Amsterdam is not so bad

To be honest, I haven’t seen much to recommend Amsterdam. When I think Amsterdam, I think crowded, tourists, smells-like-weed, scary prostitutes, sex museum, hostels, yuck. But last night I had a nice Amsterdam experience. I was looking for an art gallery that I never found…. But during the search, I came across a number of tiny wonderful shops like this one:


“Perfumes of the past??” That sounds like the kind of wacky idea that would come to you in a dream…. Not an actual business model!

When I took this pic, the city was the perfect temperature… room temperature… with zero wind. At the end of October! How often does that happen!? The water in the canals was perfectly still. The whole city seemed still. It was a non-terrible Amsterdam experience.

Maybe I can like Amsterdam even more if I connect with the red light district by thinking about how much of a David Lynch red curtains vibe it has.

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