Party success


I’ve just been to my first Netherlands party. However, it was thrown by a girl from Greece! The food was abundant and totally delicious. My contribution included these rad ceramic party snack plates… The set was €2 (secondhand). In Leiden, everything seems ridiculously expensive… So finding these plates was a big thrill! Three cheers for “Het Warenhuis”.

On the way out to the party, the group biked past the world’s creepiest building… Called “Corpus”. It’s like an office building with a terrifying enormous metal man crouching behind it, ready to jump out and kill you. Maybe riding past it at dusk when a storm was brewing heightened the tension. Apparently it’s a big replica of the human body that you can pay to go inside. No thanks. I’m pretty sure it would bite down when I tried to climb over its huge scary molars. I will have to go back and get pictures.

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