A good sign

A good sign

When I heard that Jennifer Aniston is dating Jason Theroux, I got excited.

Whoa Jason Theroux was in Mulholland Drive which means he knows David Lynch who is FROM MISSOULA and one of the coolest people in the world.

AND Jason Theroux is apparently British documentary, um, documentary-maker Louis Theroux’s cousin, which I did not know until now! Louis Theroux is de bomb, yo! Jennifer Aniston is dating the cousin of the bomb.

Somehow I feel that a giant universal upset has now been brought into balance.

“‘We never had to take any of it seriously, did we?” she whispered.

In other news, I saw part 1 of the Atlas Shrugged movie recently. I had to put up with mega harassment about even wanting to see it, which I don’t think is fair. FINE, so the movie is based on a book popular with nerdy teenagers. Hello, LOTR, Harry Potter, and Twilight fans?? At least my book had some politics in it! Bizarre libertarian politics!

Speaking of politics… I don’t really agree with this bumper sticker but I do find it pretty hilarious. Weird… usually Republicans are pretty bad at being funny.

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