IB Kids Shoot 2010

I’m extremely happy to say that I survived the art direction of another Icebreaker kids photo shoot. This one was so much easier than last year’s… more people on hand to help out… and this time I knew what to expect. The key is NOT TO LET THE CHILDREN SMELL YOUR FEAR. It also helped that we had absolutely fantastic children’s models, including the hyper-awesome Lani Paris, who is pictured here, gamely receiving detailed jumping instructions. The second picture features a window that I bought at the dump shop. An accomodating group of local lads smashed the window out of the glass with a frisbee. Then I taped it up very carefully to make sure the kiddies did not come to harm. Hopefully the window pic and others will become part of a rad children’s campaign wherein the little ones are jumping around in front of this really cool mural that is not Dunkirk but soon Shelby through the magic of Photoshop.

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