Eketahuna, Manawatu-wanganui, Motherfroggerz

Eketahuna, Manawatu-wanganui, Motherfroggerz

Yeah, I have lived in New Zealand long enough to know how to pronounce the title of this post! Respect! This picture is me in front of a wonderful hedge in the wee town of Eketahuna, pop 579. As I walked over to take a picture of this massive growth, the little old lady who lived in the house stepped out and chatted… she was amazingly nice… one of those Kiwis who treats you like a relative the first time they meet you. In San Jose that woman would slash your tires or scream “Bela Lugosi” in your face. Two true stories.

Aaaanyway. I’d like to give a little shout-out to Wellington Photographic Supplies for accidentally processing my color negatives in black and white chemistry — making my art deco photos (including this one) look like screen grabs from The Ring! Thanks WPS, you never fail to surprise me with your creative ways to bugger my order! Someday I hope I can return the favor — perhaps paying you with an angry tiger instead of cash or eftpos.

According to Wikipedia,

“[Eketahuna], when spoken, sounds like a sentence in Afrikaans which translates to “I have a chicken”. This is a source of amusement to immigrant Afrikaans-speaking South Africans in New Zealand.”

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