Tom Beard Sighting 3.5

What! Tom Beard today spotted at JCVD, Paramount Theatre, Courtenay Place. Beardless. Struth. The “3.5” is because I thought I might have seen him two weeks ago, but I was on a moving bus, and because he was beardless I thought I might be imagining things. No! I was right! He definitely has lost the beard!
Tom Beard looks nice without the beard, but I strangely feel quite disappointed that it’s gone. Is he going to stop being ‘Tom’ somehow, too??

This reminds me of how I felt a few weeks ago, when I was looking forward to jogging past this beautiful crazy ancient patchwork multicolor camper van that is always hanging out in an obscure little corner of the epic and gorgeous Karori Cemetery (uh adjective overload sorry). Every time I ran past that thing I’d think, “Okay now you HAVE to take a picture of that soon it is soooo beautiful.” And then one day I jogged past it and vandals had tagged it, bashed in the sides, and torn it all to shit. I tell ya what, that was the first time I really hated vandalism, because those little creeps destroyed a beautiful thing that can’t be replaced.

The next day I came out to pay my respects and a cemetery maintenance team was hauling the brutalized camper van off to the junkyard. I felt like they were heaving around some kind of dead body.

But at least beards grow back. Go the beard!

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