New Year’s Resolution Fail, Valentine’s Fail

Well, hmm. My New Year’s Resolution was to complete one awesome (if small) design project a month. January produced a killer valentine card design that was to be screenprinted in February along with the Do More With Less tees (only $24!) at my fabulous weekly Wellington Adult Education Screenprinting class, thus keeping me on track with my resolution, and securing me a place in history as the Designer Who Made The Best Valentine Ever (Ever).

Only… the screenprinting class was a joke. The facility did not have the resources necessary to make proper prints. I’m not a snob– but decent inks and decent paper (or ANY paper! supposed to be provided as part of course fees, but it wasn’t!!) are kind of must-haves. Hinge clamps also would have been very very helpful to prevent the screens from sliding all over and blurring the prints. Aahhh! I’m reliving the madness. I was pretty upset when I left my first class. I had discovered why Wellington Adult Education courses have a No Refund policy.

So there went the resolution. But there were a few lights at the end of the tunnel that was the creatively fruitless Jan/Feb period.

One. I realized you can actually burn screens accurately without a fancy UV exposure table, and I watched it done with nothing more than one ole lamp.

Two. My landlord has possibly agreed to give me a key to the shack in the backyard, let me clean it up, and use it as a screenprinting studio. HOLLA!

Three. I watched a lecture by designer and concepter extraordinaire Daniel Eatock and remembered why he’s just all that and a bag of chips, plus probably the fish too. This graphic design lecture had… no images in it. Imagine that.

4 Comments on "New Year’s Resolution Fail, Valentine’s Fail"

  • Al says

    Hey you! From time to time I remember to search “SPRFINE design” on the good ol’ google to see what goodies you’ve updated with, and to my surprise it’s always something interesting. The other day I checked out a copy of “Thinking Closer: Critical Writings on Graphic Design” and they mentioned some website with critical writings but I was too lame to remember which chapter that was mentioned in and lo’ and behold its one of the sites you read regularly!

  • allison says

    Yo Alex! The links are just to make me look learned, aye! Most of the time I’m on YouTube looking at the Beached Whale video: :D

  • Al says

    Gee thanks Allison, now I have to watch all the remix videos of Beached Whale. You on twitter too?

  • allison says

    Hee hee, I watched the remixes too! Nah, not on Twitter yet… Jon Stewart was hell of mocking Twitter on the Daily Show the other day, and I’m going to have to give myself time to forget that before I sign up! But I do read Obama’s tweets occasionally for some reason…

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