Sadness (Happiness)

Sadness (Happiness)

Unfortunately my printer and scanner broke. That’s the sad part, and the reason I’m back to posting crappy photos taken with my MacBook. Sigh.

But the happy thing is the discovery of AMBIGRAM MATIC, a site that makes ambigrams out of… ANY WORDS YOU CHOOSE!! Oh man, I’m in Ambigram Heaven. I love those kooky ambigrams. Someday I hope to marry an ambigram, and then in the fullness of time, our children will have children… yep, making me an ambigrandma.

Okay, some of the ambigram matic’s ambigrams are better than others. Some spouses are better than others: that’s just the way the world works. “Allison”, for instance, looks crap as an ambigram, but “allie” works really well. It’s a good jumping off point for making really nice ambigrams, anyway.

Question: could this be a really great way to leave subconsciously nasty notes for people? Like your seemingly sweet note says something completely horrible when read upside down? Technically, that would not be an ambigram, since ambigrams have to be the same phrase both ways… but un-technically, it would still be awesome.

Not an ambigram, but still awesome and in the same ballpark is this Yes/No type exploration by Underware.

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