Napier, still. (NEW ZEALAND)
This was shot using Fujichrome Provia 100 slide film. All the pictures on this roll came out really turquoise. This film is supposed to have a good tonal range with reasonably high saturation… I don’t know what is up with the color. Argh. The deco is in the details, yes?

Taken on the “Marewa Meander”… a path around the Marewa suburb of Napier. Marewa means “gift from the sea” in Maori, and Marewa is also the name of my street in Wellington. Special!

When I was out taking these pics, there was practically no one out on the street. Just me and two Mormons in backpacks. We were both canvassing the same blocks for about three hours. A lot of nervous glances from both parties.

The Mormons: “Do we proselytize her? There’s no doorbell.”
Me: “Oh geez, like, they’re going to ask me… what? If I’ve been saved? Is that Mormons?”

When I came around a corner and saw this house, I involuntarily said, “F___, that’s beautiful.” And then turned around and saw a (silent) elderly man leaning on a (very silent) push mower right behind me, raising his eyebrows at my potty mouth. In the end I decided to let the Mormons make my apologies, and I left.

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