Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold

Yeah, the 2008 Icebreaker Christmas Party! Top image is of IB creative director Rob, who rules in the drag queen category. Apparently Icebreaker is now banned from the Hataitai Lawn Bowling Club. Haven’t gotten my Holga pics developed yet; these are coworkers’… oh right, I should explain the costumes. This year’s party theme was “The Geriatric World Cup”… and each 9-person team had to come up with costumes pertaining to that… so my team was “The Golden Oldies”… hence the metallic attire. It was great fun, but I’m still recovering. The Kiwis party so hard!

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  • brian says

    So jealous of your fun party (again!). My office xmas party was a three-hour dinner cruise in San Francisco Bay. Now, that might sound fun, until you realize there was no dinner. Three-hour dinner cruise with no food really isn’t that much of a party.

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