Opinion Time

Opinion Time

I enjoy the CSS song ‘Move’, and also the video.

But you know what? It sounds like a SUZANNE VEGA song so much my eyeballs are melting. And yet I cannot find other posters on the internet who are saying this. So. It falls to me to state the obvious. CSS’s ‘Move’ sounds like a Suzanne Vega song. Also, singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega has inspired Sister Wendy Ooi, fsp to write songs and helped her find beauty and God in the least expected places.

Also. The best thing in the November 2008 Communication Arts Design Annual— typography that turns ‘me’ into ‘we’ and uses it as way to “state exactly who owns the responsibility for solving the [climate change] problem: all of us.” Holy gourd, that is some powerful, meaningful, USEFUL design.

The above snap was taken on the basketball court at my old elementary school, now abandoned… I used a blue flash on the shot, and I think you can tell in the color of the basketball board–that turned out nice.

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