Revelation. Meditation. Determination. A U2 Song.

Revelation. Meditation. Determination. A U2 Song.

1. Revelation.
I just watched “Stop Making Sense”, the Talking Heads concert movie. When I saw Tina Weymouth start “Genius of Love”… I thought, “WHAT is going on! She is playing FANTASY by Mariah Carey!!!”

This came as a big shock and a huge relief to me. Fantasy by Mariah Carey (ft ODB!!) is one of my favorite songs ever. About a week ago, I was in the kitchen, alone, drying dishes, thinking, “Is Fantasy my favorite song? It can’t be. That’s base… just common. Whether it is or it isn’t–probably best not to tell anyone.”

But NOW I realize that it’s a cover of a song by one of the best bands in the world (well, technically it is not a Talking Heads song, it’s kind of a spinoff band’s song… but close enough), so I am allowed to like it, and what is more, should be commended for my unerring pop instincts.

2. Meditation
I just went to a meditation class! It was difficult, but interesting. I didn’t get anywhere close to being able to actually meditate… and had to spend the first 30 seconds trying with all my being to repress panicky laughter. After that, I calmed down a bit. I’m going to go next week, to see if I can do any better.

3. Determination
I want to make some “do more with less” t-shirts… but I feel that having them made is kind of a copout for a designer. So. I’m going to take a 3-wk screenprinting course in November to make them myself. If I have ONE simple design that is finished before I start the course, I have an actual (though slim) chance of getting something done in a screenprinting course that meets just three times. And to force myself to improve the design a bit, I’m going to aim for 15 variations in 15 days, starting Saturday. Go team!

Also, today’s entry is brought to you by this neat free font, called Des Moules et Des Frites. I think.

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