Add N to (X): ??

I do not have to do a shirt today because I stayed so long at work that it is now the next day. I want to tell myself that this makes me probably better than Mother Teresa… but if I were working at a straight-up design firm, I imagine I’d have to do this all the time. So I’m not complaining.

But the rules are that if I can’t come up with a t-shirt visual, I can get an extension with a conceptual shirt idea. Only yesterday I did a conceptual shirt idea. Two conceptuals in a row? That doesn’t seem like good gamesmanship. So alright, I’ll give you a CONCEPTUAL conceptual t-shirt idea. Pushing the limits of t-shirt ideas that push the limits.

Okay. The shirt is called Fighting Shirt. It is like one of those digital photo frames where you see slowly changing photos, only on a shirt. What you do is upload images of yourself and your loved one– having special moments/memories together–onto the shirt. Then you and your partner both wear the shirts when you have a fight. Hopefully the happy nostalgia will convince you to stop being mean to each other. Alternatively you can put funny slogans or insults on the Fighting Shirt too; anything to lighten the mood.

This is gold. Are you getting this? This is like an industrial design students’ thesis project. This idea should be featured in an industrial design book. My Fighting Shirt prototype on a Japanese girl with airbrushed skin. Next to a bunch of other wacky, unrealistic ideas that are so Next right now. Yipe. Working late makes me grumpy.

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