06: Ein Typo

Yep. I’m so busy, and I think I’ll have to stay up late tonight. Ugh. Don’t like that. Somehow it was okay to stay up late in college. You could drag yourself into class with greasy hair and bleary eyes, and everyone would be like, “Pull an all-nighter, rockstar?” But today I came into work all tired like that, and … it’s not the same. You don’t look like a hard worker, you just look like a skanky youngster who parties too hard and probably lives in a messy flat. Plus, when I’m really tired I tend to sleep in my jeans, and then wear them to work the next day. This is kind of good because it saves time. But more likely it is (very) bad, because my jeans stretch out so much that they almost fall off. Today I had so many close calls with the pants. ANYWAY. Thought it would be cool to write the German word “Jugendstil”, as in youth style, on a t-shirt. Yeah. But forgot that Jugendstil has a ‘d’ in it. I suppose to do this shirt the right way you’d have to write the word Jugendstil in some kind of trendy lettering. Ja? This idea seems so ‘now’ that people have probably done it already.
Also: I saw a Marian Bantjes font being used (rather poorly) on a New Zealand ballet poster today, and crowed inwardly at me 1)recognizing the font and 2)judging the poster harshly, like a true design snob.
I did not win the Icebreaker bakeoff. But many wonderful biscuits (cookies) were entered, and everyone had a sweet time eating the entries. Icebreaker rules.
You know what I DID win, though? The Icebreaker in-house photography contest! Yeah! And my prize finally arrived today. It’s a gorgeous Derek Henderson photo valued at 2 grand (but priceless to me, of course). I got to pick it out and everything. Suh-weet! I have to get it framed myself, though. :( Everyone at Icebreaker’s been super nice about giving me advice about where to get the pic framed. Nice to the point of being terrifyingly fanatical. It’s nice to work with a bunch of hard-core designers, and such, but these dudes are making me feel like it’s a crime against art if I don’t get an $800 frame. It’s a huge print though. Duuuude I’m so glad I won. I’ll post pictures of the print soon, as well as my super-cool winning photo.

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