04: Maybe?

I tried to sketch some stuff. But my think hole is constipated. And I’m exhausted. Then I remembered the groovy hole pattern on my washing machine (hidden behind removable lint filter). I trucked outdoors in the cold moist night to the laundry room, got the key to unlock the door (strangely, a lot of New Zealand houses seem to have separate little lockable rooms only accessible from the outside), got my camera, etc, etc, took off the lint filter, took a picture, realized I had forgotten to take the camera off Manual Focus mode, and sadly watched my camera immediately run out of battery power (This is the one thing my camera truly excels at). Tarnation! But actually I think the blurry is a little cool.

So how is this a t-shirt idea? Geez! Use your mind! Imagine all of the holes on the machine are turned into neat vector circles. And there’s probably some cool color alternation going on somehow, to enhance the swirly psychedelic feel. Yea, pretty cool. Almost as cool as THIS hole action!

Other action item: I’ve been hired to design a wedding invitation. As of this moment, I am looking forward to the job. I have already read the entire Invitation section in Emily Post’s Guide to Wedding Etiquette using the Search Inside! feature on Amazon.com. Friends, there be HUNDREDS of wedding-invite no-nos! I had no idea! Emily Post claims it is very tacky to put anything about the gift registry in with the invites. She says the only correct way to tell guests where you’re registered is to tell your mom to tell them. What do you know. I’ve received a lot of tacky invites, then.
I thought it would be really fun to get these letterpress printed, but… no one in town does commercial letterpress printing. It’s the capital of a country, for gosh sakes! Double gosh darn!
and that brings me to the fact that the IPHONE HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED IN NEW ZEALAND!!!!! YEAH!!!! I’ve been waiting for SOOO long!! 3G goodness!! Two months ago I got sick of waiting and I bought a cheap cell phone. But it’s pay-as-you-go, so I’ll just sell it online. Then it’s all iPhone, all the time for me!

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