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I had a great time working on 2 pins for the WeMake “Pin That Shit” competition. (Stuff It and Mutha are my designs… shout out to Ashley Pieren and Callie Anderson for the others!) We chose a theme of female empowerment for our pins, which was a wide-open and awesomely fun brief! I’m proud to say our set of pins won Best in Show… more info here.

Harvest 2016

Harvest 2016

Lots of breakdowns (and a FIRE) but it was still great to be part of the Jochim Farms wheat harvest in MT. Everything was bittersweet as it’s the last year the farm will be operated by my family. However, three cheers for Dad’s retirement and also to over 100 years of truly amazing work on the farm.



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Ladies and germs: the 10 best drawings from the 99 problems daily drawing project. So many good memories! This is when the drawings went RIGHT. Look at me, learning to use the filbert brush (shark fin) and the fude brush (everything else), learning to use a dry brush (nail polish) and an overloaded one (nosebleed), learning to paint slowly (cigarette smoke lines) and quickly (meteor).

I would be tempted to claim that I am the best artist in the world, ever… if not for the post I’m going to publish next…

Also, briefly, because it relates to things that are black and white (like these drawings) and things that are Polish (like me), I want to recommend the beautiful movie “Ida” by Pawel Pawlikowski.

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It’s been a loooong time since I posted anything…
So let’s get back on (off? on? and/or in?) the blog wagon.

Here’s a picture of a holiday card which was a very fun project to design for Figure 8 Creative, the design firm I’ve been freelancing at for the last few months. It was letterpressed by Keegan and Meegan, who happen to work a few blocks away from the Figure 8 office – convenient!

Speaking of working for the man…
The site is pretty wonderful if you hate conference calls and love David Lynch, and the video game Façade.

It must be the weather

It must be the weather

Well, I fell down some cement stairs during a freak rainstorm, and I sprained my ankle, and here’s a photo of it a week later – most of the swelling has gone but it’s still kind of fun-colored. Those aren’t water drops – those are tiny tears. My ankle cries all the time now.

This ankle thing has not been enjoyable. But it has been a wonderful insight into how rad and useful working ankles are.

And best of all, I had a theme song… ‘It Must Be the Weather’ by Holy Ghost. This amazing song sounds like it was written in the 80’s, but it wasn’t, and is full of depression and anger-related motifs… PERFECT.

“I fall, I fall back down the stairs”
– YES That is just what happened!

“Holding on to nothing just as fast as I can”
– YES I did that!

“And you can walk it off it seems”
– Yes I did initially think I could, but as it turns out, that was a terrible idea

“I call my guy and say, ‘Have you got new news?'”
– And here is where the song starts to talk about drugs, I think, and I get a bit lost. But the taxi driver who picked me up after I fell did advise me to tell the doctor that normal painkillers make me nauseated so I could get a medical marijuana card. So there’s kind of a parallel…

Also, limping around town has made me feel a bit embarrassed. And feeling embarrassed makes me feel ashamed, like my secret dislike of disabled people has finally been uncovered. But then I read South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami, in which the narrator crushes big time on Shimamoto, a girl with a limp from childhood polio. The narrator actually LIKES Shimamoto’s weird foot-dragging walk. That cheered my ankle up quite a bit, and I think we’re going to move on to sunnier theme songs soon.