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Big. Old. Bag of Trash

Big. Old. Bag of Trash

This one’s going out to Donald J. Trump, a big (old) bag of trash. Who would think he still had the ability to surprise us with his vile, self-serving behavior?! And yet Donald Trump’s tweet about banning transgender people from the military was shocking. Fuck that guy.

Wash the nauseating narcissism from your brain with this lovely TED Talk from human rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson.

…ultimately, our humanity depends on everyone’s humanity. I’ve learned very simple things doing the work that I do. I’ve come to understand and to believe that each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done. I believe that for every person on the planet. I think if somebody tells a lie, they’re not just a liar. I think if somebody takes something that doesn’t belong to them, they’re not just a thief. I think even if you kill someone, you’re not just a killer. And because of that there’s this basic human dignity that must be respected by law.


True Story

Spotted in Portland: a woman wearing a shirt that said

Old Genealogists Never Die; They Just Lose Their Census

Blender without Lid

Blender without Lid

Painting with spatters is totally fun and releases the inner child! Only, now I’m out of red ink!

A better mousetrap

A better mousetrap

Yeah! This cat is totally better than the old cat! I am learning! (Quick strokes instead of slow ones, whenever possible. The fewer brushstrokes, the better. Something in motion instead of something still.)

As a reward for myself I will soon remove the old cat from the Wall of Shame. In theory I will improve & remove all the Wall of Shame drawings until they are ALL GONE.

Oh frabjous day! Could Allison actually finish a self-imposed project?

This weekend I thought about all the design-related things I want to get done before the end of the year, and I thought about how much time I have left before that deadline, and I decided that I needed a new strategy. This new strategy is called



Wall of shame


Well, even in my infinite wisdom and beauty, I make bad drawings sometimes. These are my ten least favorite drawings from the 99 problems project. It was kind of hard to choose, but a helpful criterion was, “If I could magically do ten of them way BETTER, which ones would I improve?” I did all of these drawings more than once (except Skechers, because it didn’t deserve it), yet this was the best I could come up with. This time. I may try to improve these ten pictures.

I think the problems can be grouped into categories, which are:

Too complex/finicky (Godzilla, oil spill, bird poop, lumberjack)

Proportionally incorrect (ring, Skecher)

Hesitant drawing style (cat)

Just plain blergh (pink slip, tapeworm, planes)


…There are many ways things can be ugly.

But it helps that your eye WANTS to like a drawing! Your brain WANTS to feel the happiness that results from seeing something fun… so a drawing has to be pretty bad before it’s totally unfulfilling.