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Eyelash in the Eye

Eyelash in the Eye

2017 is going to be the year that the 99 problems make it to zine form. I can feel it. It’s happening. Probably.

True Lies

True Lies

I watched this little video on my phone, and the whole time I was thinking, “Man! Paul Reiser is so articulate! And political! I am extremely impressed!”

For me, the highlight of the video was this bit from Salman Rushdie:

We are the guardians of the culture.
The culture is under attack.
And we’re going to lose a lot of those battles.

But we have to … as artists, we have to subscribe to joy and beauty and value and the things we care about.
And we have to make those things.
We can’t have an America that doesn’t have those things.


The other day, I was struck by the title of Suzanne Sundfør’s song “Meditations in an Emergency.” Google tells me that the title is based on a 1957 poem by Frank O’Hara. It’s pretty bleak, but it all seems appropriate.


But hey. Maybe all the Democrats should just give up and start being assholes too?

I felt such seething anger towards Trump voters when I read this article that it felt kinda good. I can see how you can get a bit addicted to rage. When I read the phrase “Gerontocracy” I was like OH MY GOD YES. Then I read this epic, epic burn by Drew Magary, author of The Hike (a book I just read and enjoyed!) and I felt even BETTER.

I guess those things might not be the kind of value Salman Rushdie is talking about.


This is some world-class bullshit


That was my favorite sign from Portland’s pro-women, pro-human, anti-Trump march last weekend. It was a very plain, small sign, just scribbled in some magic marker:


“This is some world-class bullshit”

PERFECT. Yes. This, my friend, is some world-class fucking bullshit. Ha.


Other wonderful slogans:

Be Bigger than Bigotry (sign held by a ten-year-old)
Fuck you, Cheeto Voldemort (yes)
We Shall Overcomb (this was the message on MY sign, but I read the slogan on the internet, so I can’t take credit)
I’m Not Gay as in Happy, I’m Queer as in Fuck You (awesome)


also, mad props to the infinity symbol sign that had nipples painted on. You get the Herb Lubalin award (nah let’s make this the Ellen Raskin award instead).

What else:

  -Not My President tees spotted around Portland.

-I just signed up for Slate Plus.Yes, I’m paying for news. It’s time to start giving money to journalists, America. In 2017, every time I click on a news link, and I run into a paywall… I’m… GASP… PAYING FOR A SUBSCRIPTION.

-Let’s end on some Big Country… to play us out. I guess maybe I’ve never posted about Stuart Adamson and Big Country before. Well, I just love Big Country. I won’t go into how much.

Orange, White, and Blue

Orange, White, and Blue

The Absolutely Huge and Incredible Injustice in the World (Ron Padgett)

… credit and thanks to Austin Kleon’s newsletter, where I keep learning about incredible poems. Poetry is the way! Also, music videos!



Shaving Cut

Shaving Cut

I had fun making the missing cat drawing by ‘protecting’ part of the paper with a second piece of paper, then painting over it. So I tried the same technique for hairy leg. Pretty good! And here’s your Buddhist illustration concept for today: The leg’s hairiness is actually best illustrated by the bit that’s not hairy.