Trivia relating to Awesome Ladies

I recently learned that….

The incredible Amber Tamblyn (who has been kicking ASS in the media lately) is the daughter of “Dr. Jacoby” on Twin Peaks! I vaguely knew Dr. Jacoby was played by Russ Tamblyn but I never connected the dots. Love Twin Peaks! Love Amber Tamblyn! Love, love, love! Here is Amber talking about her path to directing the movie “Paint it Black”. Inspiring.  <3  <3  <3

The incredible Lucinda Williams wrote “Passionate Kisses”. I always thought it was Mary Chapin-Carpenter. Nope. Here’s Lucinda talking about writing that song and others for her demo album, and subsequently getting told there was no ‘place’ for her music in country OR rock.

The incredible Aimee Mann is one of the nihilists in the Big Lebowski! How did I not know this!?

Three amazing women creating their art on a global scale… and leading the way for the rest of us.

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