Not lying exactly, but perhaps along the lines of ‘a sin of omission’…

The New York Times has a fascinating article called “Beyonce is Seen But Not Heard“.  It contains some really thought-provoking quotes about why Beyonce doesn’t seem to give interviews anymore – including,

“She’s been able to reach this level of stardom in which she’s managed — in a way that I really think is unique even among other black women entertainers — hyper-visibility and inaccessibility simultaneously.”

And while I’m on the topic of the NYT and music (I can’t even pretend this relates to the topic of lying at all)… this video of Diplo, Skrillex, and Justin Bieber is AMAZING. Sheer entertainment, especially if you watch it with headphones on! Diplo is great looking, Skrillex has interesting things to say about how he thinks of most of a song as ‘preparing colors, getting ready to mix them’, and Justin Bieber just CRASHES into the video every few seconds with a comment that is unbelievably dumb and funny.

Justin Bieber looks like he is lying, how about that… even when he’s telling the truth, he’s got his wide-eyed lie face on. :(





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